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Health Education Micro-Credential



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The creation of this self-paced, fully online micro-credential for health education was mandated by the legislation in order to help prepare Oklahoma’s educators and community health stakeholders to teach health education instruction. Health education can be taught in a stand-alone course or integrated into one or more existing subjects or provided as an addition to existing coursework. The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the academic standards for health education to anyone participating in the implementation of health education. The course consists of seven modules, each covering a different fundamental component of successful health education instruction: Module 1: Provides a foundation of knowledge for effective health education instruction practices based on research and evidence by investigating the "15 Characteristics of Effective Health Education Curriculum." Module 2: Examines the skills-based approach to health education which prioritizes teaching relevant and practical health skills needed to live healthy lives over memorizing and reciting content knowledge. Module 3: Discusses the importance of aligning feedback, evidence, and assessment techniques with Oklahoma’s health education standards. This modules also explores a variety of assessment methods, examples, and review step-by-step instructions for designing meaningful, effective assessment tools. Module 4: Offers recommendations for instructional strategies compatible with active learning environments to ensure skill practice opportunities are student-centered and engaging. Module 5: Summarizes essential health content topics in Standard 1 and identifies what information is most relevant to students' everyday lives in Oklahoma. Module 6: Reviews the seven health skills in Standards 2-8 of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Health (OAS-HE). Module 7: Explains how to integrate health education into other subjects (elementary and secondary). This module also identifies methods for balancing instructional time and academic standards when developing an implementation plan for health education instruction.

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